Lake Milton Raptor Center

Colorado Raptor Center

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The Nature & Raptor Center of Pueblo, Inc.
Phone: 719.549.2414
Email: Website:
Address: 5200 Nature Center Road, Pueblo, CO
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8295, Pueblo, CO 81008

Rocky Mountain Raptor Center
Phone: 970-297-03981
Address: 1620 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523
Information: Rocky Mountain Raptor Program rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of eagles, owls, hawks and falcons annually. Thousands of children and adults learn preservation of earthís resources through experiencing raptors at more than 200 public outreach exhibits each year.

Birds of Prey Foundation
Phone: 303-460-0674
Address: 2290 S. 104th Street
Broomfield, Colorado 80020
Information: Sigrid Noll Ueblacker has been a licensed rehabilitator since 1981, and has cared for numerous species of birds, but specializes in raptors. Sigrid has admitted more than 9400 birds since then. Each year between 450 and 500 birds are admitted at the Foundation. Some birds arrive from other states for pre-release preparation. In 2006 we admitted our 9,000th bird. Even though we are an organization/center, based on 8,000 hours of volunteer work, the care of our birds is very intense and specialized. Sigridís home is only a few wingbeats away from the Intensive Care Unit, which includes six rooms with numerous cages, holding a maximum of 60 birds. If necessary, individual, around the clock care is insured. To reduce stress of captivity, great attention is placed on individual care by one person at a time to cares for, feed, clean or medicate the birds. The treatment of the birds is supervised by Sigrid on a daily basis.