Lake Milton Raptor Center

Birds of Prey

A collection of the raptors currently available for education programs.


Bald Eagle Draco - Bald Eagle
Hatch year: 2013
Draco was admitted to Lake Milton Raptor Center for rehabilitation in July 2013. He was living on the ground on a golf course for 2 weeks before we were contacted. Draco is a victim of pesticide/ herbicide poisoning. He was eating fish that was from a water source that contained contaminated fish due to the run off of the insect/ weed killers used. The poisoning caused muscle damage in 1 wing which now he cannot fly and being the poisoning is fat soluble, if he were to lose his fat reserve, the blood poison level will increase causing cognitive issues.

Bald Eagles do not get their full white head and tail until they are about 5 years old.

Golden Eagle Kalina - Golden Eagle
Hatch Year: Unknown
Kalina joined our ambassador team in Dec. 2010. She came from Washington State University. She was found on the side of a bridge in Sept. with a healed broken right wing. The university believes she was possibly hit by a vehicle. She is a great addition to teach the public about the lesser known eagle species in Michigan and the United States. Golden Eagles are found in Michigan during migration seasons and will rarely stay over the winter season.


Osprey Bentley - Osprey
Hatch year - 2014
Bentley came to us in the fall of 2014 from West Sound Wildlife Shelter in Washington State. Bentley was grabbed from his nest by a bald eagle when only a few weeks old. The eagle dropped him into a yard and was brought to the Wildlife Shelter. The eagle did injury Bentley and now he is unable to gain height in flight and can not survive in the wild.


American Kestrel Rio - American Kestrel
Hatch year: 2014
Rio was pulled from his nest and imprinted. It is illegal to take any migratory bird from their nest without permits. Rio became an imprint since he was raised by people and not a parent kestrel, he thinks he is a human also.

Merlin Tequi - Merlin
Hatch year: 2011
Tequi was a falconry bird that was flown by our director. Tequi was attacked by a great horned owl and sustained a broken leg and had nerve damage that cause her inner toe and half of her middle toe to go necrotic and fall off.

Peregrine Falcon Maggie - Peregrine Falcon
Hatch Year: 2005
Our peregrine falcon comes to us from a raptor breeder in Texas. She has a genetic disorder that makes her partially blind. Maggie was bred to be used in the sport of falconry but she does not see well enough to be able to hunt. She was hatched in 2005 and came to us in April 2010.


Red-Shouldered Hawk Chilly - Red-Shouldered Hawk
Hatch year: 2011
Chilly is from the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. His nest was blown down in a storm when he was still an egg. His egg did receive a crack in it from the drop which caused his left eye to be smaller that normal. Chilly is blind in his left eye.

Rough-legged Hawk Krona - Rough-legged Hawk
Hatch year: 2012
Krona came to us in December 2013 from Washington State University. She was hit by a car in the fall of 2012. She sustained a left broken wing and had a surgery to help mend it. The surgery was unsuccessful and Krona has very little movement in her left wing which causes her to not be able to fly for release. The name Krona is an Icelandic name that is well suited for a rough-legged hawk because this species breeds in Arctic tundra and taiga regions around the northern hemisphere.


Barn Owl Willow - Barn Owl
Hatch Year:2006
This owl comes from Missouri. He was found on the ground in a barn. After blood work was done, it was found that he was poisoned. They questioned the people who owned the barn and found out they put rat poison out. Willow ate a mouse that ate the rat poison and almost ended his life. Now he has neurological issues that stops him from catching live prey. Willow came to us in April 2006.

Barred Owl Holly - Barred Owl
Holly, a Barred Owl, was found November, 2010; by Hunters along side a railroad track, a train went by, they watched her just fall over from the wind of the passing train. She was brought into rehab with a serious head injury and very under weight. It is thought that she may of flew into a passing train. She lost sight in her left eye and has neurological brain damage is now unable to be released back into the wild.

Eastern Screech Owl gray phasel Fern - Eastern Screech Owl gray phase
Fern came to us from a wildlife rehabilitator in Michigan. Not sure what happened to her, but she was found on the side of a road, possibility, she collided with a vehicle . She has partial vision in both eye and does not see well enough to be able to catch her own food in the wild. She came to us in December 2007.

Eastern Screech Owl red phase Irish - Eastern Screech Owl red phase
This little guy came to us from Iowa University. He was brought to them with head trauma probably from being hit by a car. He was examined by a ophthalmologist which concluded that the left eye has retinal displacement as well as denucleation in the right eye. The right eye had to be removed. Which left him with only partial vision in the left eye. Irish came to us in Feb. 2006.

Long-eared Owl Jet - Long-eared Owl
Jet is from the Iowa University. He was hit by a car in the winter of 2009/10. He sustained a broken right wing and some minor injuries. The wing was surgically pinned. The surgery went well but the wing did not heal correctly. Jet cannot get height when he flies and can only fly about 5 feet. He came to us in June of 2010.

Parker - Burrowing Owl
Hatch year unknown
Parker was shipped to the center from a veterinary in Texas that is permitted to treat wildlife. Parker was found by the side of the road and brought to the clinic. The doctor's exam found that his wing injury was old and already healed. The wing did not heal correctly for Parker to be able to fly at all.


Turkey Vulture Matilda - Turkey Vulture
Hatch Year: 2010
Our turkey vulture comes from a wildlife rehabilitator in Michigan. It is believed that she was malnourished when a chick. She was admitted in the fall of 2009 with broken tail feathers, missing and twisted flight feathers, body feathers were all tattered looking, and her back toe nails do not grow. Matilda is on the smaller size for a turkey vulture. We received her in April of 2010. The new feathers on the wings are growing in twisted and some fall out after growing a few inches. You can not sex turkey vultures by size like other raptors. She was DNA'ed.

Great Horned Owl Lady Bird - Great Horned Owl
Lady Bird died of natural causes in Dec. 2012. She will be missed!
This big girl comes to us from a raptor center in Cincinnati, OH. She was hit by a car, which broke her wing and caused scar tissue on her right eye. The wing did not heal properly for her to have full flight. Lady Bird is the oldest known, documented Great Horned Owl in the US, to survived in the wild for 28 years. She was banded as a nestling, in 1977 near Cincinnati, OH. and was found injured, only 5 miles away from where she was banded.You can look up her band number, USFWS860837602, She came to us in July of 2005. We retired her from doing education programs off-site in Jan. 2010. As of March 2011 she will be 34 years old.

The center takes in non-releasable birds of prey to be used for education programs.