Lake Milton Raptor Center

Donations to the Raptor Center

We are not state funded and always appreciate donations, this is the only way for us to stay open, and continue to grow.

You can donate money which is always needed, or you can donate materials.

The center is 501(c)(3) organization which means to you that your donations are tax deductible.

Lake Milton Raptor Edu. Center
P.O. Box 433
Union, MI 49130

Lake Milton Raptor Education
Aimee Pico or Darlene Brockman

Supplies Needed

Vet Wrap from Tractor Supply Store to wrap birds or perches, in the horse supplies, green, blue or black.

Antibiotic suave / Medications: Clavamox�, Baytril�, Un-opened/new ophthalmic suspensions

Vitahawk Maintenance high quality vitamin supplement.

Book; CAPTIVE BIRDS, IN HEALTH AND DISEASE By John E. and Margaret Cooper

Arm-Length Elk/ Cowhide Raptor Handling gloves, Size: small.

Disinfected wipes: for cleaning

Square wild bird suet/holder: for winter use, to attract wild birds to the outside of the bird chambers for them to watch during the winter.

Small/medium dog toys: soft stuffy type, not plastic, the owls and hawks for enrichment. They love to play with and carry around.

Rolls of paper towels: birds like to tear apart/ also for cleaning.

New top sheet (Only): Twin size, dark color from Wal-Mart; used to line animal carries when bird is injured/sick and has to be confined.

Pine Bedding: For bottom of carriers.

Clean old bath towels: to wrap the birds when examining the birds.

Green astro turf carpeting to some of cover their perches.

Ziplock� Freezer bags - gallon sizes: to store their food.

Climbing rope: that hikers use, to make leashes.

Box fan: to keep air moving in the bird house on hot summer days.

AA batteries for Birdsong Identiflyer, so children can hear owl/hawk sounds.

Zip strips (Cable ties (Med/Lg) to attach astro turf to perches or used to attach shade cloth over chambers during summers to give them shade.

Clean, new leather to make their; jesses, anklets, leashes

Copy Paper : colored and white: handouts.

Clear Laminating Pouches: Letter Size, and legal size to preserve teaching material.

Hoses 25-50�, heavy duty (new): to bring water out to the birds.

Jet spray or multi-function hose sprayer: for hose/water control and also to give the bird a shower on hot summer days.

Tall pole sprinkler: also to give the birds a shower during the hot summer days.

Home Depot/Lowes or Tractor Supply Store gift cards : for wood to build chamber and/or perches / Rib roof plastic to use as side panels to help block the cold winter winds/new bath pans.

Oil filled radiator Heater: (Small portable type) to heat the bird house during the winter months, to keep the older birds warm and to keep a bird in a warm place, if sick.

Thank you, for your donations to help these wonderful birds.

Aimee and Darlene